As you can probably tell, Itinerary Hub is a brand new site, still under construction.

It’s put together by me – Ben Neynens – as a side project to help DIY travellers make their planning easier.

My impression is that for some destinations, figuring out a good, balanced itinerary can involve a bit too much online detective work.  Trawling forums and gazing blankly at Google maps to figure things out can take a lot of time, and my hope is to make that mission a lot easier.

In short, the plan is for Itinerary Hub to become a useful, free website for people trying to figure out a route for their multi-day, self-arranged itinerary.

Lots of other websites provide great information on specific sites and attractions, and the intention here is not to duplicate that.  Instead, the hope is the give you some quality multi-day itinerary suggestions, while pointing out the highlights that you might like to cover on each day of your trip – hopefully without overwhelming you with details.

Because the website is free, it would be really wonderful if after you figure out your eventual travel plan, you consider using the booking links that you can find on this site.  This won’t cost you anything extra, but will magically result in a contribution that will help keep the site running.

In addition to that, because the website is new, bear in mind that it is indeed a work in progress.  Apart from still being very short content on everywhere but New Zealand, I’m also trying to figure out how to make the site more user-friendly and accessible.  If you’d like to contribute, or have any suggestions, feel free to get in touch!