Queenstown to Dunedin

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Distance & Duration

278km/173mi, 3hr 40mins


Make your way from the mountain scenery of Queenstown, through rolling green southern farmland to the fine city of Dunedin. The scenic route sets out travelling via the Kawarau Gorge, passing by the Kawarau bungy and wineries including Gibbston valley winery en route. The small town or Cromwell is a peaceful stop amidst orchard country, and small fruit shops line the route offering seasonal fruits and in some cases, ice-cream. You'll pass Clyde dam before coming to the seemlingly arid township of Alexandra, a pleasant township set alongside the Clutha river. Leaving Alexandra, you'll continue through what evolves from dry, rocky scenery to verdant greenery as you approach the coast at the historic Scottish-influenced university city of Dunedin.

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