Wanaka to Lake Tekapo

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Distance & Duration

201km/125mi, 2hr 20mins


Journey over the scenic Lindis Pass toward the small town of Omarama, one of the best sites in the world for glider flights. Consider heading to the airfield for a flight of your own. Heading north from Omarama through the desert-like country of southern Canterbury, its amazing to consider that only a narrow mountain range separates you from the dense rainforests of the West Coast. Pick up some of the highest-altitude salmon on Earth from an alpine Salmon farm near the town of Twizel. Follow the lakeside route up to Mt Cook township, and take a walk to soak up the best views of New Zealand's highest peak (Aoraki/Mt Cook). Finally, make your way to Lake Tekapo, the most stunning of New Zealand's glacial lakes. Visit the famous Church of the Good Shepherd on the lake shore, and consider an night time visit to the Mt John Observatory for New Zealand's best stargazing experience.

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