• Taupo is a big holiday destination so there are lots of things to do.  A small selection includes:
    • Huka Falls Walk || This stunning waterfall is a must-see! The water from Lake Taupo squeezed though a narrow gap, plunging over a 10 metre drop.  Beautiful clear blue water! The waterfalls are just 5 minutes’ walk from the carpark. Alternatively, you can walk there from Taupo (2 hours return).  Located 5km from Taupo / 77km from Rotorua.
    • Spa Thermal Park || A hot spring runs into the Waikato river in this free public park.  You can swim in the cold Waikato river, then thaw out in the hot spring that runs into it.  Park at the end of County Ave and follow the trail down to the riverside, where you’ll likely find others bathing in the hot stream that runs into it.
    • Hukafalls Jet || This is one of New Zealand’s most popular jet boat rides.
    • Skydiving || Taupo Airport. 30,000 people skydive in Taupo every year.