Waitomo Caves

  • In Waitomo, there are a number of tour options, including:
    • The Glowworm, Ruakuri and Aranui caves.  You can get tickets to visit one, two or all three.
    • Lost World tour (4 or 7 hours).  Extensive, adventurous tour including abseiling deep into the cave system.
    • There are various other options, including black-water rafting.  Get in touch for details.
  • There are also some nice scenic walks in the vicinity:
    • The Ruakuri bushwalk leads through the Ruakuri Scenic Reserve, 3.5km from Waitomo Village near Aranui and Ruakuri Caves.
    • If you are okay to do more driving, you may also want to drive further west (35 mins) to Marokopa Falls, or even further to the black sand of Marokopa Beach.